About JoyRide

JoyRide is a lifestyle magazine first, a bike magazine second. Why? Because riding a bike has become more meaningful to more people than ever before, and it represents something fundamental about how we're choosing to live.

It’s hard to imagine a more vibrant and diverse community than the one that continues to grow around cycling, and a magazine can be a great way to support and connect a community. So we’ll be making miles of new connections for our readers, offering updates on our state’s growing infrastructure, our enviable and varied terrain, and all the interesting people who make Minnesota one of the best places on Earth to ride a bike.

A really good magazine begins with knowledgeable pros who tirelessly offer up their passion and enthusiasm to write and design the stories that make it all sing. The sunny group that has rallied around JoyRide is epic. Read all about them here.

Sustained financial support is essential (obvi), and it was critical to create a revenue model that met and reflected our mission to bring our readers authentic storytelling and experiences. To deliver, we're building deeply collaborative relationships with the people who really live and breathe all things bikes.

Our content is either underwritten by or produced in partnership with the organizations working 24/7 to support and grow our cycling community.

You won’t see ads. You will see interesting stories that instruct, inform, and inspire. You will be invited to stuff. Simply put, our partners offer their support so that we can pay the people who give their time and talent to produce quality content and events.

Together, we'll show you just how much fun it is to ride a bike in Minnesota.

Welcome to JoyRide. We’re so glad you’re here.

Dena Alspach