From the Publisher

My 11th birthday gift was a bright blue Schwinn Breeze. It was my first big-kid bike and as soon as I could talk my parents into it, the stock saddle was replaced with a sparkly red banana seat and sissy bars. I made it mine. I rode to and from every softball practice and all over the neighborhood with my friends—out cruising until the street lights came on. Dang it was fun.

That’s at the heart of why we all ride, right? Because it’s fun. That’s exactly why we’ve created JoyRide magazine. More people are choosing to ride a bike more often and with more purpose, reclaiming those first tastes of fun and freedom in a very real and everyday way--a rolling manifesto. JoyRide is here to reflect that.

We’ll share stories of why and how all kinds of people choose to ride, with an aim to inspire you to just get out there and enjoy yourself. You’ll find profiles of the many passionate people who have worked to make this an internationally recognized place to get around on two wheels, and features exploring what our diverse cycling community means to Minnesota.

You’ll learn about choosing the gear that’s right for you, and how to ride more comfortably and safely. And we won’t just write about it, we’ll be out there with you—organizing rides, hosting clinics, and leading you (or following you) down all kinds of new paths.

JoyRide is also about exploring where you live with fresh eyes and at a slower pace. So you’ll find arts and culture coverage, our unique take on food and drink, and a huge events calendar.

Thanks for reading. We hope you’ll connect with us in all the ways. Now … wanna ride bikes?


Dena Alspach